Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Anime Convention Coming 2010

In January I made a post about a possible Anime Convention coming to Kelowna in 2010. I can now say that there will be one and we're still looking at July 2010. It will be called Anime Okanagan.
I've been made into the second in command as Vice President of Kelowna Anime and Cosplay Association and I'm the Director of Marketing for the convention.
So my job is to make sure everything is moving forward while trying to get the word out about our convention and draw in as many people as we can.
The Anime and Cosplay Kelowna Forum is borderline 160 people now, which is a markable improvement from me being the 34th forum member back in January.
So far marketing has been through word of mouth and little business cards left in strategic locations. My goal is to have over 300 people on the forum by the end of the year. We're on to phase 2 of marketing, which is our online presence. We've got our Twitter page going, blogger site, facebook page, YouTube page and a lot of YouTube videos in the work. Ian, the president, and I wrote out at least 2 dozen video ideas. It should keep me busy for a while.
Location of the convention will be decided by the end of the month, same with the exact weekend. We've canvassed a lot of different locations; each had their positive and negative aspects. Some knew what they were doing and services they offer and what spaces they have could be useful for some events, others.. didn't. The ones that didn't sunk to the bottom of the list fast.

If everything goes well then Kelowna's going to be hit by something it has never seen on a scale that's bigger then this valley has ever seen.
Wish me luck.

Oh yeah. I'm also landed a part in a movie by local director Jeremy Heynen. Check out his website: TheMissingPatient.Com/