Saturday, April 05, 2008

Roy's Revenge

After months of work and many times re rendering scenes. My epic short film is ready for viewing. The short has seen a fair amount of delays from sound fine tuning, to rendering issues, to no computer to work on, but now it's complete. Enjoy:

Roy's Revenge Credits

Written and Design by Stephen Chmilar
Animation, Modelling, Texturing and Rendering by Stephen Chmilar
And even produced and directed by Stephen Chmilar

Roy and Nurse model and rig by Graeme Morris
Roy rig modified by Stephen Chmilar
Nurse rig modified by Stephen Chmilar and Luke Ritchie
Princess model and rig by Cassandra Roth

Additional Modellers:
Nolan Wiebe
Luke Ritchie
Justin Fonseca
Ian Sisson

Sound Engineer Amber Smith
Music Arrangement and Preformance Amber Smith
Roy was Stephen Chmilar
Princess was Kristen Lucus
Nurse was Amber Smith
TV Announcer was Roman Yunker
Dog 1 was Luke Ritchie
Dog 2 was Zander Erasmus
Dog 3 was Roman Yunker

Software used:
Softimage XSI
Photoshop CS3
Premiere Pro CS3

Texture and Asset Websites:

Thanks to:
Maria, Nathan and Roman for the advice along the way.
Nolan, Cassandra, Graeme, and online forums for the help and extra eyes.
Instructors and Staff at the Centre for Arts and Technology Kelowna
My classmates and friends
My family
My blog followers
And YOU for watching it!

© Stephen Chmilar 2007

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Aquaryan said...

Great video, Stephen!