Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Semester

A new semester has begun and new goals are made and deadlines are set. This semester I shall pump out 3 shorts, maybe 4 shorts (depending on the time). I have 2 of the 3 planned so far.

The first one is well on it's way and every retro animation fan will love it. I can't say much more. The second will possibly be one of the darkest shorts to come out of The Center For Arts and Technology Kelowna yet. I will probably need a week of render testing just to get the look I want. Should be good. The third is still up in the air, I'm still mulling over some ideas and should plan it by mid way through the second animation. So stay tuned.

Of course I'll also post other things on here, like the Zelda Timeline and more Art School Survival articles.

I also updated my links section, I'll be adding even more as the weeks go by, so stop by those sites and see what's happening. Pay attention to the Digimill site, it has plenty of interesting articles and links. I'll be posting a few "How To.." lessons on Digimill by March.

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