Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Old News: Forsaken

The Centre For Arts and Technology runs a class called Animation Production 200, 300,and 400, or just AnPro. AnPro is a class to simulate a working environment and is one big class project. Usually the class , goes through the preproduction stages with crafting a story, doing character designs, doing a lieca reel, and then the production begins. In Production there's modelling, texturing, rigging, and animation. After all all the production is done, then it's Post Production including rendering, rendering effects, editing and sound.
On this AnPro project I was a preproduction designer, added to the story, did some modelling, animating, texturing, a ton of rendering, edited it and went back and redid a few scenes, as well as critiquing the other team member's work and suggesting things.
Over all, our short did not turn out as well as it could have been and the team fell apart at the end. Happens with deadlines for all your classes. Still, AnPro was an interesting experience and if only our sound guys came through.... see a trend?
Anyway, here's the end result (still without sound):

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