Monday, July 16, 2007

Problem Adverted!

I'm back in animation mode! Howrah! Ok, I touched up a piece which I'll be posting in a few days. But at the moment I'm working on THIS ANIMATION In this scene Roy climbed up into the machine helm, but at the end of the short he walks off the machine and falls. (see below image)

Think about that, wouldn't he turn to climb down the ladder instead? Instead of doing two ladder climbs I decided to get rid of the ladder climb in the first one and make him run up a rickety staircase he built himself. (see side picture).

Would you like to walk up those stairs? They're still work in progress. I still need to tweak them, add some bent nails sticking out of them, uneven steps, paint can (Tiff suggestion), then texture it. Just something to add some more atmosphere and character to the scene. More on the way! Watch those Crash Without Recovery episodes!

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