Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Working For the Okanagan Film Festival

I would apologize for not updating, but  Eyes at 6'5" updates EVERY Single day. Anyway, I somehow landed a  (non paying) job on the board of directors for the Okanagan Film Festival. My friend Jeremy, who directed the '32 Ghost IV Video' I'm in (a couple of posts down) is the new president of the board and invited me to a few meetings and then elected me to the board. Most of the board are new, so there's a great sense of energy. I get to attend meetings, give valuable input, watch short and feature length submissions (I'm the resident animated and LGBT film expert) and think of ways to market the festival. So far things are pretty low key, we have the social media thing started up and soon moving into phase 2 with some physical displays. I'll post a few things here as they come up. We're hoping to do a couple of videos as well, which will be awesome. Keep your eyes on my Twitter page Twitter Page  and the following links:

Okanagan Film Festival's Twitter Page

Okanagan Film Festival's Facebook Page

Okanagan Film Festival's Official Site

Oh, if you're interested in my choices of movies and want to know some interesting short and feature films that I've seen then visit my List Page. I have a few interesting lists up so far. Enjoy them!

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