Saturday, December 02, 2006

Soundtrack of my Life Shuffle!

Another Shuffle Quiz Open your music library, put it on shuffle, and press play!
Its the soundtrack for your life!

Opening Credits: "The Legend of Zelda Theme Song" by Fantomos (whoot!)

Waking Up: "Kennedy Killed the Hat" by Buck 65
selective lyrics: "Baby/ We're not the beautiful people/ Runnin' down the street on fire/ They want us to see me jump that fence/ Sometimes I'd rather be dead/ These are the wages of sin / And we're surrounded by assassins, phantomas, mutantes and serpents/ Werewolves and sex fiends.."

Going To Work: "Zelda 2: Battle of the Hyrulian Hero OC Remix" by Random Hero (instromental) (wow, pretty epic for going to work...)

Checking The Mail: " Cheating on You" by Franz Ferdinand (oh boy....)

Falling In Love: "The Becoming (Treason, Sam I Am Remix)" by Nine Inch Nails (oh boy...)
select lyrics: "Annie, hold on a little closer, I might just slip away!"

Fight Scene: "Ziggy Stardust" by Bauhaus (not a bad cover)

Breaking Up: "Creep" by Radiohead (perfect fit)

Make-up: "Right Where It Belongs(Live)" by Nine Inch Nails (simply beautiful and chilling live)
selective lyrics: "What if all the world's inside of your head/ Just creations of your own?/ Your devils and your gods/ all the living and the dead/ And you're really all alone?"

Secret Love: "Star Power!" from Super Mario Brothers (1)

Life's Okay: "Feeling So Real (Live in London" by Moby

Heartbreak: "Drowing Emotionless" by Digital Syn featuring Sickmessiah (instromental)

Stressful Day at Work: "Show Me How To Live" by Audioslave (interesting...)

Mental Breakdown: "Sin" by Akanoid
Lyrics: "It comes down to this/Your kiss /Your fist / And your strain/ It gets under my skin/ Within/ Take in/ the extent of my sin

Driving: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Monty Python

Flashbacks: "Fearless" by the Bravery
slective lyrics: "Too many fingers/ too many thumbs/ something wicked this way comes/ the best time I've had/ waiting around for something bad"

Troubles with the Law: "Visions" by Razed in Black
selective lyrics: "I need a reason to be wrong/ I need a reason to believe/ Compassion for the choices made has dithered/ It’s time to let the senseless pass/ Time to prick this psychopath/ End this hang-man game of resolution..."

Happy Dance: "Burn It Down" by Fate (an obsure German band, can't find the proper lyrics...)

Regretting: "Shin Triad" by Squarepusher (instromental)

Nervous: "Overrated" by Pilot Speed , formerly Pilate
selective lyrics: "Look into my eyes /see my heart and see my crimes/ I don’t know why it’s hard now"

Long Night Alone: "Pretty Life" by Jakalope
selective lyrics: "I’m about to change your pretty mind/ I’m about to change your pretty life/ Are you ready /there’s no stopping time" (sounds like I won't be alone for long..)

Final Battle: "Burn the Witch" by Queens of the Stoneage

Death Scene: "Some of you Boys (and Most of You Girls)" by Robin Black (ok, ok, it's a guilty pleasure!)

Ending Credits: "La Mer" by Nine Inch Nails
lyrics: "Et quand le jour arrive/ Je deviendrais le ciel/Et je deviendrais la mer/ Et la mer va venir m'embrasser/ Pour que j'aille Ă  la maison/ Rien ne pourra plus m'arrĂȘter maintenant"

Now it's your turn! Have some fun :D

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