Friday, December 29, 2006

What I Got For X-mas and Boxing Day

Wow, I've been a good boy this year. *smirk* This is what I got for X-mas which is relevant to my animation and art work:

Film - I needed some more film for my cameras. I now have 8 rolls of film ready to go... except I have no black and white film. I also got 2 photo albums.

Excite Truck (Wii) - Oh man... this game is insane! It's much like "Burnout" on 4x4 with lots of insane jumps. I mean, I took one jump and didn't land for 1.8 miles! Very fast and very fun, like a good racer should be, good inspiration.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (DVD) - A wonderfully animated movie (despite a lot of it being motion captured). The movie features some very beautiful rendering effects and is very inspirational for me to watch. When ever I watch the movie I get inspired to do some animation.

Happy Tree Friends (TV DVD) - The Happy Tree Friends TV show on DVD. To be fair, I've never seen the show on TV, but have been a fan of the internet version since I saw it in IGI... Anyway, it's cute cuddly animals being slaughter often with great timing and anticipation. Remember, you can’t spell Slaughter without Laughter!

Princess Mononoke (DVD) - From Studio Ghibli and director and animation god Hayao Miyazaki (more about him in later posts). This mature fairy tale is a beautiful feat of animation is often spell binding, much like any other Miyazaki film.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - A call back to the early years of Sci-fi with great big robots, lasers, planes and action and adventure. Very muchly inspired by old shows like the 1950's cartoon Superman and makes a ton of references. The movie was shot like Frank Miller's "Sin City" and upcoming "300", Sky Captain was shot in front of a green (or was it a blue) screen. The behind the scenes special shows that the idea was done mainly by a guy and a couple of friends and it got picked up by the big boys.

THX-1138 (DVD) - 1138, like it or not, you've heard or seen this number in a ton of movies and TV shows. The number 1138 is the street address of one of the scientist's lab in "Sky Captain". The movie has a futuristic society where everything is controlled, much like "1984" or "Equilibrium". It's a must see for sure.

The Tick VS Season 1 (TV DVD) - Spooooon! Couldn't resist! I'm a big fan of super heroes, especially dark ones like Batman, or the zany and funny ones like The Tick or Freakzoid.

An Astronomy calendar - Can't stress the ability to plan ahead in this industry, with a nice wall calendar I can mark down birthdays, anniversaries and important dates and be inspired by pictures of stars. It's amazing to think that out of all the planets and stars out there, us humans are able to view the sky with powerful tools and see the beauty of space from light years away. So many worlds to explore..

Squarepusher "Hello Everything" (CD) - I've been meaning to pick up this CD for a few months now, but finally did. Squarepusher, for those who don't know, is one guy drum n' bass band. This CD seems to be a bit more "danceable" then his last. Very cool stuff.

Well, that's it, unless you want me to talk about soap, socks and the 4 tubes of toothpaste me and my room mate got collectively...

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