Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 - Post 1 (I will get more creative with titles in the next entry)

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, great new year. Sorry for the lack of updates, the holidays keep me busy with shopping, work at my retail job, and a few other things.

Then after the holidays I got sick with a cold (still have a bit of a runny nose), and a few personal things happen in my life. But I'm back on track. The 'Year Zero: Theday Version' cover is coming soon. I finally got the sounds I've been waiting for for Roy's Revenge. My rabbit is completely rigged and textured (few more improvements to do yet), then I can animate him, then render him, stick him on my demo reel and send them out and post it on here.

So in the next two weeks expect:
-'Year Zero' cover art
-Roy's Revenge
-Rabbit animation
-Demo reel 2008 version 1.0
-and whatever else I choose to put up here, maybe some pictures.

Here are my resolutions for 2008:
-Finish Demo Reel.
-Get a job in the animation field.
-Meet new friends.
-Learn new skills.
-Do a little traveling.
-Buy a XBox 360.
-Go to more concerts.

A little generic? I know.. But hey, they're easy to do and I don't have to drop 10 pounds.

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