Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deviation 100, 7,000 Gallery Views

Just a little update. My deviantArt Gallery has just hit two birds with 1 stone. I've uploaded my 100 deviation to the site, and it coincides with my 7,000 gallery view. I intended to use a shot I took of a spark shooter my friend built, but he uploaded it before me, he gave me full credit... but I found a better picture of mine to post. What do you think?

100 - Take Out Is Watching by ~Chmilar on deviantART

In other news, my new model has gotten the look over by Nolan "Number One" Wiebe and Luke Ritchie, both who helped me on Roy's Revenge. Should have him rigged soon. Then I'll introduce you to him, maybe give him up for download too.

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