Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anime Convention in Kelowna? A Reality?

Japanese Animation, or Anime, has always been interesting to me. Then again I find all kinds of animation and moving pictures interesting. I'm not the biggest fan of anime, but still find it interesting.
A week or so ago my friend pointed out ACK, Anime and Cosplay Kelowna. I've never dressed up outside of Halloween and costume parties ..and that one time at work..
After being on the site for a little while it looks like I've got my fingers into spreading the word about this site and somehow on an organization to plan an Anime Convention in Kelowna. This will get me out and about and meeting up with other people to talk about one form of art or another.

The current tentative date for said convention is July 2010. But before we go through with it we need a lot more supporters. The forum has jumped from 37 to 52 since I've been there. Realistically speaking I would only suggest a convention in Kelowna if the forum number was over 300 people. We'll see what happens.

Update: I've been selected as a board of directors member for the convention.

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