Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Time

Sorry about not updating sooner, but I just got my Experiment-457 pictures developed. So here they are:



Head, Shoulders, Tongue:

Side View:

As you can see, his design slightly shifted due to the material. Now what's left is to fire him so he becomes hard and then I can paint him. But of course I don't have a kiln or a big enough oven. One suggestion from the delightful Maria was to line a big enough cardboard box with tinfoil and put a heat lamp in it. I told my Mom this suggestion and she said that a box oven would be better since a box oven would get much hotter faster then a head lamp. So this rabbit will be fired.

We officially enter Spring on the 20th, yes Luke, the 20th. It's my favorite season, but I get my spring allergies during this time. My nose runs, my eyes and mouth get dry and scratchy, all due to the spring pollen. It seems to get worse every year. But it's not too serious, just an annoyance.

The Jan-March semester ended on the 23rd and my short was done and rendered and is ready to be shipped out to be entered into the EA Reveal. I'm sorry for not posting updates on here, been busy with the animation part and grabbing people for input about the animation here and there in person since no one commented on it here. The short is ready to be burnt to DVD, but I must wait for audio, which has me a little nervous, the 2 audio guys who said they were going to do it let me down. Not a surprise. So I have someone else doing it. Hopefully he'll be done by Saturday or I'll have send my rabbit on him...

The 26 was my 23rd birthday. I'm soooooooooo old! I got a few interesting things for my birthday:

-A Batman placemat-Night Watch (DVD) - part 1 of a 3 part movie series about the battles of the warriors of light and dark, from Russia.
-Equilibrium (DVD) - an awesome Orwellion take on the future where human emotions are outlawed. Too bad the director went and make Ultraviolet (had some good ideas, but just failed horribly!)
-Monty Python and The Holy Grail - If you have not seen this movie then you've lost 1000 cool point in my book. See it now!!!
-Mario Kart DS - online Mario Kart action! Has tracks from the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and GameBoy Advance versions and original tracks as well. Also can host up to 7 other people with one game cart.
-Tetris DS - Tetris for the DS, but with tons of new twists! There's (of course) Touch Tetris, where you move blocks with the stylist, Catch (my favorite new mode) where you rotate your blocks around and catch falling blocks and create squares while avoiding metroids, Push where you go against a computer where the computer builds are the bottom of your puzzle and you need to push him down, There's also missions and puzzles to solve. Very fun and makes a Nintendork like me very happy to see the use of theme. This makes 3/4 of my Nintendo DS games Wi-Fi enabled. Pretty nifty eh?
-The Arcade Fire - Funeral (CD) - One of Canada's most dramatic new bands to emerge within the last few years, proclaims some magazines. I've been hearing their songs here and there and finally decided to buy their CD once it met my art student budget. I can say that it is a very interesting CD with some very cool songs.

I can cross another thing off my to do list for my life, this week I became a professional teacher (well, Instructor, I'm not certified by the board of education). I'm teaching a group of 10-12th graders Level Editing Tools at school with the assistance of my classmate Nolan. We have a very nice group of guys and are the envy of the school apparently because we look like we're playing games all the time. We play test levels that we are making, but sometimes some of them do a bit too much play testing and I have to hit their Escape button and tell them to get back to work. It's almost like giving them a sandbox and a couple of tools and letting them create with a couple of guidelines and adding a few more tools when they ask to know how to do it. We also have music playing, we were listening to music and seeing if anyone could name the game the remix is from. I look forward to seeing the end results and I'll be leaving a link to their work and photos in here once I know the websites. Check back soon.

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