Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Help Me Help You and Win Me A Wii!

Ok, I've written 3 tutorials over at Digimill.net and they're pretty well received. My first one on some animation basics got on the front page of XSIBase.com and I want to get there again. All these tutorials of mine are being graded by viewers and I need you to head over to:

XSI Animation Basics and Above 1
Elements of Design Tutorial
Principles of Design Tutorial

and give them 5 star ratings so I can win a Wii. Of course, what's in it for you? Well this is your time to send in questions to thepartyoftea@hotmail.com and I will write another XSI Animation Basics tutorial with some questions sent to me! Win, Win, Win, Right?

So vote for me, send suggestions and check back.

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