Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Mom Went To New York and Brought Back Cool Things

My Mom, sister, aunty and grandma went to New York on the 9th to the 16th and had a blast. It's been my grandma's dream to visit the big apple and she finally filled it. The four of them visited the major tourist traps, Grand Central Station, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Broadway and several other places. My sister took a whopping 1,111 pictures!!! I'd probably be the same if I went, good thing she's digital.
Anyway, one of the places the four went is the Nintendo World Store in Rockerfeller Center. There they bought me several gifts, including:

-A Wii-Mote Key chain with light
-GameCube candies
-Zelda Life Shirt
-Zelda's Hero: Link shirt
-Conan O'Brien magnet (from NBC Studios)
-Some more candies

and my favorite: -An Animal Crossing Plushie!!!!

I want to go to New York now..

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