Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And Now A Brief Youtube Video Interlude...

I uploaded some pictures from my recent Maui trip a few post ago. I also took some video on my parent's digital camera since I forgot my 35mm camera back at home. Yes, I did slam my head against the wall when I found out at air port security. But anyway, here's a little video of 3 short videos I took on my vacation. Full screen it and relax..

Here's some videos I've been laughing at and have somehow inspired me. If the link doesn't work, blame youtube suspending the account or the user leaving.

Phoenix Write: Boot to the Head: LINK

Turbo Healther RC Extreme : LINK

Internet Party: LINK

Cube: LINK

Panda Babies (watch on mute): LINK

5 Easy Tips to Leaving Better Youtube Comments: LINK

Battle of the Album Covers: LINK

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