Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roy's Revenge Big Screen Debut!

Roy's Revenge has been online for nearly 2 weeks now and everyone seems to be enjoying it. To quote some reviews:

"Poetry in motion my friend, poetry." - Maria, Animation Student.

"Very good work ^^ " - Natalie, high school student and sister.

And a lot more good reviews, don't forget to watch it and leave a comment!

On Wednesday, April 16th, Roy's Revenge made it's big screen debut as a part of the Boardroom Selection of the Okanagan Film Festival along with "Ogopogo", "How to Kill A Bear" and fellow animation student and voice actor and friend Roman's short "Trash!" . Being from Sicamous, I found it a little ironic that my short premiered on a houseboat since Sicamous is the Houseboat Capital of Canada, if not the world.
After the screening the film makers got up and took some questions. It was a blast and I'll make sure to enter another short or two into the next Okanagan Film Festival.
Once again a big thanks to Jason Woodford and the team of the Okanagan Film Fest!

I'll be posting some pictures once I get them developed.

By the way, have you Youtube video uploaders seen the new Insight option under Account/Uploaded Videos? It's just like Google Analytics, give it a try. Here's a screen:

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