Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RR: Live From the Render Farm

Hey, it's just a quick update. I'm currently rendering 7 different scenes on some computers here at the Centre For Arts and Technology. Things would move faster if other people didn't need to use computers or XSI. Sadly the school only has so many licenses and we're using them all up. Hahahaha. A couple of renders will finish tonight and then I can move on to the next batch of scenes to render. The final scene (which will show up after the credits) was pretty quickly done. I modeled the scene and textured it with the assistance of Luke Ritchie on Sunday, finished modelling and texturing on Monday and by Tuesday it was being rendered. I have the sound files for the lip syncing scenes ready to work on for tomorrow. But for now, I can't do much. Some renders only have 3 hours left, which will be after the school closes for the night, if only I could stay longer. Oh well, they'll be ready for me tomorrow. I might as well turn on another render and go home and have some hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.

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