Thursday, September 06, 2007

RR: ReRendering Perfection

I'm being a bit of a perfectionist lately. If there's something wrong with a scene that doesn't take too long to render, then I'll fix the problem and rerender it. For an example, see the picture. The subsurface scattering on Roy's hand looks absolutely stunning, but the desk behind hit has a massive specular problem and the background has a huge line that makes it look ugly! Also, once in the shadow of the screen, Roy's hand turned grey and that would be weird. So I corrected the lighting problem, fixed the spec and gave the background an image. It looks much better now.

In other Roy's Revenge news, I'll be recording my lines for Roy tomorrow along with Kristen Lucas voicing Princess along with Amber Smith as my official Audio Engineer. I'll add some links to their blog/website on the side bar once I get them.

Stay tuned for more shots! Also, at the top of the blog you can see a Render Status about Roy's Revenge. I'll remove it once all finishede.

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