Friday, September 21, 2007

Waiting for the Music

Roy's Revenge is completely rendered and ready for export, except the music. My audio engineer, Amber Smith is hard at work on it and so far it's sounding awesome. I'm looking foreword to the final product, which might be a small wait. But now comes the scary time between school and a job in the field of animation. Unfortunately the wait will last a bit longer then I want because I need a new computer to work on more animation, improve my demo reel and burn DVDs with. My currently computer at home is a nice little machine, but it can't handle a program like XSI.
Roy's Revenge finished rendering on Tuesday and since then I've been working on my Rabbit from Z-brush class. I brought him into XSI and begun to rig him. And here's the result (see right image). I haven't given him a proper texture yet. But his rig works and can't wait to animate with him..... whenever that will be. Hopefully I don't go crazy not animating..

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