Friday, May 25, 2007

Power Outage

Ok, prepare yourself for this one.

Today I was writing up a post for's NewsRoom and was about to submit what's new in theatres. I was pretty happy with the post because it contains Pirates 1 and 2 in 5 seconds. I was just setting up some tags when the power went out. Because of the battery backup, I quickly saved my work and shut down my computer and thought," Oh great, we blew a fuse." I had the washing machine going, the computer and AC(on fan) going. I checked the fuse box and sure enough nothing was switched. My room mate came inside then and we noticed that all the power was off. We headed outside to see if the entire trailer is out of power. Sure enough everyone else had power, so we checked the trailer park fuses, they were fine. Our search lead us to the power line to our house.
Our power line is lining on the ground and the construction company working on the buildings next door have commanded us to move it. But needless to say, civilians should not handle something that could kill them. We investigated the power line and it was cut. Sure enough the construction company was right there and they said, "It got in their way."
So now there's a cut electric wire lying on the ground that could potentially kill a person. We want to get it repaired, but only the landlord can do that and the office was out for the afternoon.
So when I go home, there will be no power.

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