Thursday, May 31, 2007

RR: Machine Go!

Ok, in this scene Roy's giant machine is ready to go and he is powering it up in his basement and according to his plans, the machine turns on, then the house divides in two then the machine raises up. But by now you should know that Roy doesn't have the best luck. Remember to check the other animations and comment on them as well.

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CATK_Hibberd said...

It definately needs the poses to draw more attention to the fact that he's pressing a button, like I was talking you about earlier.

Also, when he's typing his hands don't look very busy, since they're not moving. The fingers are just kind of tapping the same keys overand over again.

At the start when he steps in it looks strange, especially the right foot. The right foot steps over the railing too quickly and there's not really any sense of weight during this step.