Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Special Thanks To...

If you've been reading and it's sister site, the Newsroom, you'll know that I'm a frequent contributor to the blogs. I'm also apart of the Digimill Forum where I've been posting my Roy's Revenge animation tests. The Executive Editor, and my 3D animation teacher, Graeme Morris rewarded me for my help with Digimill with a bag o' swag from Vancouver International Games Summit.
The Bag o' Swag included:

-a BioWare Pin
-a BioWare Pen and Notebook.
-a Propaganda Games sticker
-a Relic Entertainment patch
-a Ralic Entertainment pin
-a Relic Entertainment postcard
-Shadow Magic manga from Arcana
-Kade: Sun of Perdition issue #1 (second printing version) from Arcana
Jova's Harvest issue #2 from Arcana
-2 Rockstar stickers (yellow logo and Bullworth Academy [school from the game Bully] logo)

Yes, a very cool bag of cool things. I'd like to thank Graeme again for the gift and also like to thank him for my help with my demo reel and short. I'd also like to thank all the cool companies for talking to Graeme at the Vancouver International Games Summit.

Now I gotta decided where to put my stickers and pins and patch...

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