Sunday, May 13, 2007

RR: Heavy Object Walk vid

Ok, I've been busy animating this piece and I'm still not feeling it 100%. I like the bottom half, but the upper half with the machine part, yeah, it's a machine part not a chess piece, gave me the biggest problem. I'll have to animate more cycles holding objects in the future...

Saw 28 Weeks Later, it was very well done.

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CATK_Hibberd said...

That's definately a tricky one there... I think that for most of the steps the feet come down to softly. It seems like with that kind of weight, the steps would come down much faster and harder. My biggest problem with the top half of the body is when it's pointing off to the left and then quickly leans way over to the right. This just happens too fast and especially looks weird because the big weight that he's carrying wasn't what pulled him there. He's just kind of swinging back and forth while the weight sits more or less in the center. It should be the machine part that's pulling him around, so the machine part should always be the leading action.